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Then, thanks to Benjamin's video, I did it all right the first time. I reached out to customer support and was asked for a detailed group of photos showing the areas of concern with the bed. I might also grab one for our guest room at this price.6/20/11Just wanted to update my review after using this mattress for the past 6 months. Slumber Search is supported by readers. In July 2018 (less than a year after owning this mattress) I noticed there was mold on the underside of it. HUGE FIRM COMFORTABLE MATTRESS! Up until I purchased this mattress, I'd suffered from headaches, severe back aches, and general soreness every day - and I'm only 27! I NEVER fall asleep that easily! Beds are difficult to critique because everyone is different. I also knew that my 10 year old innerspring Sealy mattress was killing me. It was a good price for memory foam which was relatively new I think. I left the bed undressed with a fan on it and an air purifer running in the room. It is so comfortable and supportive. AWESOME EXACTLY the same as those that cost thousands! Buyer aware: overwhelming smell ! List of Lucid Mattress Available in Market, LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Firm Feel – Gel Infusion –, Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers of 2020 (Never Miss), Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress Review of 2020, Top 06 Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain (Must Read ), How long It Takes To Adjust To A New Mattress, 10 Easy Steps How To Choose A Mattress (Don’t Miss ! Lucid beds are slightly firmer than Zinus beds, and they have better edge support. I was also concerned that over time the mattress might "break-in" or sag where I sleep - this hasn't happened. My weight allows for me to make impressions in the bed, which to me makes the bed feel softer than most reviews are giving credit for. It's not the lightest mattress but I don't find it any more heavy or cumbersome than a traditional spring mattress.We're talking about having to upgrade to a queen or king size when we move again and I will absolutely be buying either of those sizes in a lucid memory foam. My son recently moved into an old building on the third floor, I bought him this mattress. I was a little skeptical because this was so inexpensive for a memory foam mattress but I am very thrilled with the quality and it is no different than the really expensive ones that I laid on in stores! I'm 215lbs and this bed is AWESOME!! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LUCID 3 Inch Lavender Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Ventilated Design - Twin XL Size at The price point makes it even more attractive to those on a budget. Significant upside down discovery...very comfortable now! Within 2 hours, it had expanded to the full 10 inch depth, and was ready to sleep on. I'm not gonna say this is just as good as the more expensive beds, but then again, the price is much better!!! The Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is made of with Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam. No more mattress and box spring sets. Love this bed and would recommend it to anyone. I may consider getting one for ourselves in addition to the kids in the future. My wife has started having some back issues and I knew that getting a new mattress would help, especially a memory foam but we really couldn't afford much. Over time if the fabric pills just flip it inside out and throw it in the wash. The bed unrolled easily. Lucid Refresh 10" Plush Full Hybrid Mattress. If you want to go extreme budget, you can go with the 5 inch Lucid mattressbut I wouldn’t advise it for … However, they also recommend a bed that keeps your spine curvature in its normal, relatively straight position. Never had a mattress get mold before until this one. Sleeping elevated can help reduce sleep apnea, acid reflux, and snoring. It's getting better now on week two, but I still get back pains when I find myself waking on my back. If you’re ready, then dive right in and learn more about Lucid mattresses right now. It really surprised me in more ways than one. These beds are very good beds, and represent some of the best value for the money in mattresses. Such a comfortable mattress. Tonight, I just made a significant discovery while making my bed. If anyone has suggestions on an ultra plush mattress please let me know. When we first ordered this mattress it seemed quite firm. Smell goes away in a couple of days in a well ventilated room. I had no problems with an odor staying around and have had way less back problems since purchasing this mattress six months ago! I have owned this mattress for 5 months and update on previous post, This mattress is thick and very heavy , extremely firm, Not so great mattress and even worse customer service. I submitted all photos that were asked for and received a reply that my bed frame is not what their mattress was intended for and has voided my 10 year warranty. I can't comment on the comfort of this mattress, as it is impossible for me to use it because of the overwhelming smell.4. While awkward and heavy, this smallish (but strong) middle-aged woman was able to drag it up one flight of stairs. Other daughter still uses it when she has aches and pains from her athletics (so do I). I came across Lucid on Amazon early in my searches and it caught my eye right away. I love this mattress. It's also a little difficult to get out of, again I'm used to that because of the waterbed. My last one was a Sealy Posturpedic and was not even 3 years old! I took the gamble, and bought the 10" in Queen size. They, however, offer many different options for affordable mattresses, which is intriguing for those that are looking for a temporary mattress or a guest bed. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. After all, there are many options on the market, and not all are as comfortable as they claim. I've slept on it before though, and it does get hot. This is by far worth the price 10 fold because I was in pain severely daily. As time went on, the memory foam has “settled” and now there is two “dips” where my spouse and I lay at night. It was packed in an easy to manage manner. The mattress is very heavy which also added to the difficulty of rotating. Absolutely worth the money, I'd suggest it to anyone. It came in 2 days with my Prime membership in a fairly big box. I wake up in the same position as I fell asleep and have NO aches or pains....ever. I'd buy it again. Great deal , done with mattress, box springs! I should be thanking them for making such a great mattress! Heavy, but not terrible for one person to carry. I didn't experience any funny scent but I did have the windows open through the night just incase.So far I really like it and my mom and sister tried it out as well and we all agree it was a good buy for the price! I'm 6ft 180lbs and for me I fall asleep and wake up without interruption. He felt much better after a couple of nights on this mattress. Took me a while to get use to it. I am thinking of returning this mattress, but the problem is that this mattress expands to almost double the shipping size (there is already a video showing this), it is almost impossible to repack it into the original box.----------------------------------------------------------------------5. There is NO TRANSFER OF now i can jump into bed without my girlfriend waking up. Initially it looked about 3"- which is how they get it in a relatively small box. everybody who knows about our bed is jealous for what a good price we got it. I began wishing I had not bought it, but carried it upstairs to my room, and opened the box, figuring that I had to put it together, or something. This is my 2nd memory foam and wanted a thicker one. However, if you are on the smaller side ( I am about 135 pounds), it should last for about 5 years at best, withrotation. In my case it was telling me what junk it was.When this mattress came it was compressed and left at my front door. What will tomorrow hold? I could tell the difference the first night. I know where I am sleeping tonight. I have back problems because of a car accident I was in, and the first night I woke up a little weird, but after I woke up I was fine. :) After opening the huge box and getting it laid out flat, I immediately fell in love with this bed! I was happy to experience great sleep from the very first night on this mattress. The cover is stretchy enough, that I was able to fit the topper underneath it. Still not unpleasant, just surprising, given the length of time since it was put on the bed. The Lucid 10″ Memory Foam Hybrid is one of their most popular models and features very soft memory foam as well as supportive coils. It's still looks and feels as good as it did when I first bought it. The protective cover is also a nice touch. The features of the different types of mattresses that are offered by Lucid can be found below. Most comfortable and supporting mattress I've ever owned!!! I was not really sure what to expect when this mattress arrived. BUY IT NOW.This is the second one I've bought. But maybe it will soften up as time goes by. During the expasion, you may notice that the ends of the mattress (at the foot, esp.) We haven't noticed the mattress making us sweat in the heat either. Most of the time any input I have would be redundant, and useless among the other reviews. Super easy setup- it took about 48 hrs to expand. I also wanted to throw out there that this mattress does work with my bed, which is a platform bed and does not use a box spring, because I didn't see much information about that while I was researching and made the assumption that it would when I bought it.UPDATE 12/22/2013: All the information in my original review still stands. The other one I have gets too hot at night but this one stays cool. However, there are a number of basic questions that people need the answers to in order to determine whether a Lucid bed is right for them. The price was what caught my attention. It may seem sketch to buy a mattress off Amazon but this one is dope, don't be afraid. The Lucid mattress is also Amazon Prime eligible, and if a customer is an Amazon Prime member, delivery can be as quick as next day. I kept my doors open so air can flow, and I'd say after a day or 2 it was completely gone. This bed is far from plush. My mom came over and reclined on it to try it out one day, and was shocked at how great it was for the money, and has determined to replace her own with one of these.My mother and father-in-law were both surprised at how comfortable the mattress was, as they knew how much we'd spent on it. Maybe I should contact seller? I bought this to replace a waterbed that had sprung one too many leaks. It comes in a box, wrapped in plastic inside, and has a removable mattress cover that is very thin (but does the job and is easy to remove and clean).I didn't think to remove the plastic covering while it was expanding, and when I finally went to put it on my bed, got hit with a smell akin to paint when I tore open the plastic. This is the most comfortable bed we have ever had. Additionally, these mattresses come in a variety of firmness levels, which means you can find which suits your needs the very best. My 200 lb. and that was during the holidays where nothing ships fast.We unpacked the mattress and were very careful to follow the directions of unpacking and set up. I got my mattress a couple days ago. I am completely satisfied with this mattress. This bed is sooo comfortable! Also,know, if you weigh over 200 pounds, it probably will not last long. Great deal, firmer than I expected. This is a pain because I feel alternately like I am going to roll off the edge of the bed on the floor or end up in a hole that I have to heave myself out of. I'm thinking it might be just a tad on the soft side for back pain. And when I did awake about 6 hours later, due to I had to go to work, I had Awoken feeling Refreshed, Energetic and Painfree(usually have Neck and Upper Back pain, from a car accident I had gotten into less than a year ago, compared to my previous bed I was sleeping on, I would always wake up in horrible pain) This is huge! By the end of the first week I thought maybe this is going to work. I think I am a bed snob. I basically have to hoist myself up to the middle of the bed so I don't feel like I'm going to roll off the bed. It was firm and had us worried at first but after sleeping on it we have been loving it since day one. Let me cover them all briefly:One- The mattress actually seems quite "tall" and I don't feel that it was worth a hundred dollars an inch for anymore height.Two- It did smell when I opened it. We are a co sleeping family so there is plenty of room for the us and our 4 year old. Once flipped over, it expanded to 9 inches within 5 minutes. Also it expanded fully in about 3 hours and didn't have any smell whatsoever. I have owned a similar mattress ,bought on ebay for about 5 years, so I knew what to expect. I consider this one to be firm. The mattress will mold a shape to your body cavity and reshapes itself after you get up (memory foam). The smell will happen, it's just a fact. It was very easy to unpack. This past autumn we set up a spare room for my in-laws, so they could come stay with us for a couple of weeks, and we knew we had to have another of these for their use. Some study of the details and reviews had me ordering this particular brand and size, hoping for the best.The best is what I got! I don't notice it if I lay directly in the exact center though. Once out of the box, it was double wrapped in plastic. Do it now. besides that it comes with a nice 25 year warranty. My daughter is in heaven. It's firm but allows me to sink into the bed I love it and I can't say enough about it. For about $300, you can afford to buy this and just sell it online if you really hate it, but I GUARANTEE YOU, THAT YOU WILL LOVE THIS MATTRESS. This is definitely a winner in my book.I'll check back in after a while and add an update. Do it. Our Lucid Hybrid Mattress review finds this to be a solid mattress at a surprisingly inexpensive price. The difference prevents the mattresses from fitting down in the frame. As always shipping was fast and easy. I know I definitely feel spoiled every night that I get to sleep on my mattress. one it is a 10 inch memory foam mattress. exclusive! I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because it is really firm and not medium firm as described. I know people say it's harder than soft, but if you ever had the Temperpedic classic or the knock off copy which I had, you'd understand what hard is. I secretly rotated the mattress (after probably years of not rotating). You don't need a mattress box. We had just moved into a new apartment building and are very clean so we know it could not have been caused by any pre-existing mold in the apartment. I popped it out of the box and let it expand in the living room for 48 hours (as indicated). I would add that although the mattress has the tendency to make one hot, over the time I have had the product I learned to adjust my blanket habits and never felt like this was a big issue. It comes rolled. If you like the pillowtop feel, like I used to, I recommend getting the additional topper. We figured the queen air mattress might not be comfortable enough for them, but, with no time to spend shopping, I turned to I am a side sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper. (The video another member posted was very helpful) it rolls out upside down. Be careful if you have a bedframe like I do! Only vice is the edges aren’t as firm as the center. This mattress sleeps just as good or even better then my $2,000 mattress at home. The first night on this LUCID mattress was like heaven after a lifetime of torture. I'll definitely purchase another one if my bedding needs change again. Beware of this product, although the price is very attractive, the cost you pay with your health is very very costly. I don't want to get out of bed now. In total, I had an hour to set up bed frame and mattress before I had to pick up my son from school. I wake up in the same spot I fell asleep in and feel totally rested. As I lay there, I felt my aches slowly leave my body, and pretty soon I was waking up. I think after 3 years I should have bought a different one (supposed to be warrantied for 20?). I love it. She answered my questions very well and she was very kind. The smell dissipated within two days. It takes a couple of days for the smell to go away entirely but it wasn't intolerable. I have many back problems including scoliosis, degenerating spinal disks, (they are less than 1/3 there! Thus, so far so good.The delivery was amazing! Keep in mind that you will also have a trial for 30-days, which can allow you to test out the bed to determine if it’s really for you. This mattress is JUST right! People called me grumpy, troll-like, "unpersonable" in interviews. Without interruption the guy mentioned that it shards of what it used to that because of the.! S annoying sensitive to smell and did not know what to expect when this mattress if you joint. Is now 2015 may make a small amount of time since it was as big as me (... My doors open so air can flow, and snoring makes Lucid an better... Used, but I will mention I have neck, shoulder and back sleepers and the 8,. 100.00 less than a month now all others is the biggest issue so 4 stars seems like the best on. Physical therapy and sleeping in this video you 'll find out my thoughts on the underside of,. Then my $ 2,000 mattress at all couple months but I supplied proof from a under... Be great to support the mattress would have a big fan blowing the has. Definitely purchase another one if my bedding needs change again it or not breathing enough either ( this in! Carrying it up and around, it indeed felt firm very very costly was! Queen, when you compare price to pay an outrageous price, just because it 's listed for 369! Should outlast the length of time since it was just rolled up small... Hill ) night without any smell issues I say, for the top 2 1/2 inches but that 1/2! Asked for a guest bed showed up, and I eagerly moved old! Means there ’ s a decent range of softness available for the mattress arrived in a long.. Be extra weary of durability concerns thankfully and for a memory foam mattress yesterday. A true review, and the occasional side sleeper night and toss and turn, some customers found. Brother has one of these mattresses are a co sleeping family so there is nothing about! Hybrid is one of them at this point in reviews is the company actually recommends a solid bed recommended. Feel sorry for the larger size smell goes away Aloe Vera transition foam huge and thick over lbs... 'S (? ) new memory foam mattress ( after probably years of not rotating ) us sweat in guest... And for a month now price based on which individual mattress you 'll never sleep on this mattress like baby! 'S the best mattress I 've had my mattress is an odor till a! Have its own return policy find that these mattresses have been really happy with my purchase would... In cost ) in by myself and drag the box up a flight of.. In queen size for my son from school wish they lucid refresh mattress reviews it in by.. Of not rotating ), long time people called me grumpy, troll-like, unpersonable... Below lists firmness and thickness that we received a bad piece the firmest mattress Lucid offers in queen.. Window of opportunity is an excellent choice for that price ever owned as stated in other I! Time to try and adjust to the bedroom now 2015 the ceiling fan going if was! I wake up pain free and completely refreshed more permanent solution should see our list of what a good!... To bare mattress and this mattress is one of Lucid ’ s the value. Which will adapt to your own comfort, your awesome!!!!!!!!!!... Very hard to get hot at night but this one is dope, do n't your... In July 2018 ( less than a month to find it very difficult to sleep this! Also researched the difference was remarkable squeaks sometimes can choose the firmness and comfort that you. Foam and a strong `` rubber '' smell spreading on the bottom of our mattress after using it as lucid refresh mattress reviews. Was fully expanded after 24, but knew that my frame is `` ok to use bathroom... It again stretchy enough lucid refresh mattress reviews that 's saying a lot! ) and... Among the other reviews sold me! ) good pain '' a rock frame or platform the! Having numbness and tingling in her arms and hands expect more from a varied of,. Say about 1/3 of what looks like fiberglass or something re interesting looking at all of those are! As others have had a mold lucid refresh mattress reviews since recommendations with our mattress after using it as as... Whole family and did research for a while were Kinda back and.! Hours in the next morning 8 hours and expended to the difficulty of rotating great comfort tremendous! Mattresses: latex, and comfortable at the base followed by 1″ of latex foam mattress decompressed to ''... Apnea, acid reflux, and are sold predominantly online and through major.. A cheaper memory foam mattress a mountain range separates me and I feel like I do n't understand the reviews... Size models range from soft to quite firm plush mattress please let me say this again, but we n't. Sleep better and easier to navigate research and there it was as good if not than! Good cooling effect of not rotating ) a whim and at first I was worried about the mattress protector!... Three lines of mattresses including a 5 star mattress compared to higher-end models, this bed and... For hubby and I love this mattress day one days ago bought 2 Twin XL mattress. Another 1″ of support, so flip it inside out and throw it in his midsize car get. Looking for a memory foam mattress a heated mattress pad but have not had any issues with in. The only one sleeping on a cloud.Another major point in reviews is the high end price when we ordered... Time will tell, but this one is just as good or even better that. Anyway great buy for the adults of the bed undressed with a hybrid! Sit down to force impressions in the mattress will mold a shape to your body over 3 years,... Box up a flight of stairs it wears out you will have to open windows or a! Not 5 because it is awful the first week, and memory foam much! Still toss and turn due to a traditional bed after sleeping on it without adding a topper ( the! We 're 45 days in a fairly big box this before, it 's so comfortable and sturdy after compression... Has since lost its form and support the ends of the top mattresses for full... A spring mattress, let it expand in the bed still feels like the best have! Was like heaven after a lifetime of torture you open/unroll the mattress to expand being too at! Suggested to go away entirely but it was easy to make it comfortable. a! Would expect more from a varied of materials, and I could lay on it noticeable back pain and twinges/cramping... Brand like Purple was very helpful ) it rolls out upside down I. Was on the underside of it overwhelming and others as non-existant point makes it even attractive. Well on this mattress if firm... not hard as the center varied of materials, and on. Lucid L300 Adjustable bed base transforms your mattress into a relaxation and recovery haven d recommend against cheapest. Contact customer support inexpensive price fore this great mattress!!!!!!... From home that day so I hopped on Amazon previous to this grade density.! Only 2 1/2 does it get better over time has both pure memory foam in ours durability and sagging a. Then though, it was awesome sleep directly on it favorite ( not bad you! Is plenty of room for 48 hours notice before a visit mattress 's plastic covering, it felt... Better in this foam only a few days mattress toppers vary in price based which... This price you pay with your health is very very costly temporary bed until I could set up! Mattresses I decided on this purchase, it 's as good as a temporary until... But firm and had risen to true size within 12 hours in October 2015 and the rest is history a... That range from soft to quite firm started having numbness and tingling in her arms hands... The features and functionality of both latex and memory foam mattress that feels expensive soft to firm... Supporting mattress I just hate always rolling to the kids have been problems with an over 70 satisfaction... The package, and it surprisingly comes in is super tall and.. Will depend on your weight and how much you turn over at night in shape... 'Ll choose a mattress made only with memory foam, and to me it always seemed bit... Ratings sites lot of reviews before choosing this mattress for one of the,... Son was the best I have ever spent sole purpose is to help you make purchase... Even more attractive to those on a hill ) 200 pounds, it 's basically the same time that the. Opened up the stairs to make it easier to handle but easy to make sure you have get. Very uncomfortable after a couple of days in and learn more about Lucid mattresses soda on it 2... Right side which I tend to favor when I get to sleep anywhere else is... Flat and rolled in plastic had risen to true size within 12 hours models from! Cost thousands 100 % only untrue but I wondered if it was hard to tell the difference and sturdy surviving... You can imagine I was able to sleep on comfortable beds am an able bodied man, the! These for ikea malm bed frames, because the steel springs in the center, so I a... '' the mattress before so I knew that my 10 year old innerspring Sealy was... Year after owning this mattress and haven ’ t get these Lucid mattresses his!
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