image caption Harrogate's Nightingale is being used for diagnostic testing Why, if the NHS is under so much pressure, are others not open? Although it is being reported that the Harrogate Convention Centre will be used as a Nightingale Hospital to fight Coronavirus, it hasn’t been formally confirmed by the Government that it will be.. Andrew Jones MP said:. Other Nightingale hospital sites across England include Manchester, Bristol, Sunderland, Harrogate, Exeter and Birmingham. She said that the Harrogate Nightingale was currently being used for CT scans and implied that it was on standby to open for covid cases. One of the Harrogate district’s most senior politicians has said the time has come to accept the Harrogate Nightingale hospital will never be used for covid and handed back. The … The fight against the coronavirus outbreak is a national endeavour and I am proud that Harrogate is playing its full part in that fight. I’m dubious about the Nightingale Hospitals – including Harrogate – never being used. Harrogate's is being used … Nightingale hospitals across England are being "readied" for use if needed as COVID-19 patient numbers rise. That being said, across all Nightingale hospitals there is no consistent snapshot of how they’ve been used, as so much is determined by the nature of … Ask the government why the Nightingales aren’t being used and they point to it … The 500-bed temporary NHS Nightingale Hospital and Yorkshire and the Humber could be used to ease pressure on beds or services at other hospitals, health scrutiny councillors heard. Lord Newby, the Liberal Democrats leader in the House of Lords, said the NHS should let Harrogate District Council take back control of the building. The Nightingale hospitals could be used as mass vaccination centres when one becomes available. Other Nightingale hospital sites across England include Manchester, Bristol, Sunderland, Harrogate, Exeter and Birmingham. Captain Tom Moore to open new NHS Nightingale coronavirus hospital in Harrogate. The NHS in London has been asked to make sure the Excel centre site is "reactivated and ready to admit patients" as hospitals in the capital struggle. Digital Health News understands that, while IT structures are being handled by Harrogate and District, clinical staff for the new Nightingale hospital are being drafted in from Leeds Teaching Hospitals, in addition to the volunteers being recruited by both trusts to support staff. “She explicitly refused to answer my specific question about whether the hospital had the staffing levels which would allow it to open safely for covid patients.” ... 17,000 ventilator beds currently being used, of … HARROGATE: Of all the Nightingales in England, only Exeter's is being used to treat Covid-19 patients after the area's NHS said it was being overwhelmed.